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Walt & Jennifer Wilkinson

We purchased a “Huff Home” in the Watersound Origins development.  We looked at a number of developments and homes before making a decision.  We viewed homes on 30A in this process with homes constructed by other builders. After looking at the quality of workmanship in other homes and that of “Huff Homes” there was no comparison, in our opinion. The “Huff Home” stood out from all other homes we viewed. It appeared to us the quality of the materials, workmanship and attention to detail was superior. While we wanted a location with less traffic and amenities, such as Watersound Origins, the superior workmanship of the “Huff Home” was the deciding factor for us.

When we had our walk thru, before closing, with our real estate agent. We went thru the house checking to make sure that appliances, doors, windows etc., were in working order. Neither we nor the real estate agent were able to find anything that needed to be addressed or corrected, just confirming our decision to purchase a “Huff Home” was the right decision.