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Community Builders

We want to help you choose a home, and more importantly, we want to make the experience for you as easy and comfortable as possible. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with highly acclaimed builders with reputations for making service, quality and workmanship priorities.

Huff Development LLC and Romair Construction are independently owned and operated and are third parties not affiliated with The St. Joe Company. The St. Joe Company and its affiliates do not guarantee the obligations of, nor provide any warranties, express or implied, as to the financial stability, net worth, credit worthiness, or competence of unaffiliated parties who build homes or offer services in the Watersound OriginsSM community. In the residential construction business, conditions can change rapidly and the owners and developers of Watersound OriginsSM urges its customers and homeowners in dealing with a builder to be vigilant over the building process.